1st January 2019 Wize Monkey Yoga Shala changes to

Aurore Banabera

Sunset Chaser

Having grown up on a sunny island of La Reunion, Aurore craved broadening her horizons and discovering the world. After a couple of years traveling and studying abroad, and after discovering the Ashtanga Yoga practice in New-York in 2011, she settled in Paris in 2014 and began devoting her complete attention to this practice system.


Her interest for yoga, plant-based nutrition and natural healing has kept on growing since this first class in Manhattan.  She began teaching in early 2016 after Mama Dasha believed in her and pushed her into teaching her first yoga class. The first class she taught was neither super flowy nor easy but the seed was planted... and since then she has been keen on sharing her love for movement and breath. 


Today, her Vinyasa Flow classes are Ashtanga-inspired: so often strong, focused on alignment and breath. But most importantly, they are infused with love and kindness. She tries to keep things simple (not easy but simple) and fun. She would like her students to connect with their inner world, to develop patience, mindfulness, and self-love.