1st January 2019 Wize Monkey Yoga Shala changes to


Dasha Romanova

Mama of Wize Monkey Yoga Shala 

Simple Russian girl with relatively low levels of vodka in her siberian blood. She could be occasionally noticed dancing with brown bears in her spare time. Usually she is kind to people but at times can be a nightmare (you never know). Languages spoken: Love, Russian, English, French and 12 words of Italian.

Nicole Zaccaria

Flow until you glow

Pâtisserie aficionado, tisane enthusiast, kombucha advocate: If the world's boarders were made of dessert, this gourmande would eat our way into world peace. Shala life: Through laugh and play, we'll bust through our mental barriers a little bit more each and every day. Languages spoken: Love, French and English

Kamel Boukir

Monk(ey) Bat 

He came to yoga as an anthropologist to study the cosmology of "Om,"  weird habits of upsidedowning & the art of not being oneself. Story doesn't tell if he found something, but he's still practicing, mostly off the ground, and sometimes off the feet. Languages spoken: Love, Silence, French, English, Berber and Arabic.

Darko M


Croatian by origin based in Paris, Darko is going through life exploring the infinite possibilities of body and mind. As a Yogi, Kiné and PhD candidate in Neuroscience he is using yoga as a powerful tool to unite the two. Languages spoken: Love, Croatian, English and a hint of French. 

Aurore Banabera

Sunset Chaser 

Small-sized French person who considers herself to be a sunset chaser and who could easily live off fresh pineapples and raspberry sorbets. Languages spoken: Love, French and English. 

Benoit Piernot


French-American professional monkey dancing through life, makes banana smoothies every morning and is easily mistaken for a fish when put into water. Languages spoken: Love, French and English.

Kura Yoshiaki

Kura San

Yellow monkey and fermented brown rice eater. Languages spoken: Love, Brevity, Japanese and English.

Isabel Huenul 


J’aime l’océan en famille, manger des graines et les agrémenter de ”cola” de temps en temps, faire des équilibres à toute heure, être speed en pensant à ma respiration. Conjuguer l’efficacité et la grâce, voilà mon mantra! Languages spoken: Love, French, English.

Fanny Roland

Miss Fannyshine

Drôle de dame avec sourire, humour, et brin de malice, aimerait vous donner rdv pour partager le bonheur du verbe namaster. Languages spoken: Love, Français, Anglais avec l’accent de la Queen Elisabeth.

Masha Kruglova

No mud, no lotus

Russe d’origine, Française d’adoption, parfois partagée mais toujours entière, essayant de concilier l’inconciliable, cherchant l’équilibre et l’harmonie (d’abord en moi-même), je fais du yoga et en fais faire aux autres : des papillons, des arbres, des ponts… pour un monde plus beau, plus uni. Languages spoken: Love, Russian, French, English and a bit of Italian.

Cyril Lebret

Star Gazer

Nature love and star gazer. Movement addict monkey fascinated by body expression and its possibilities. He jumped from capoeira tricks to yoga flow, now balancing on the rope of body and mind union. Languages spoken: Love, French, English. 

Masha Begunova


J'aime le yoga! Je ne saurai pas vous dire pourquoi, probablement parce que dans chaque passion il y a une part d'irrationnel! Languages spoken: Love, Russian, French, English.

Marie Coulangeon


Marie est un sourire. Lorsqu'elle pose les pieds sur son tapis elle sait tout et ne sait rien. Elle vie une expérience et la partage avec passion et amour. La magie de l'instant, de l'imprévu, du hasard... qui n'en est pas un est sa force. Elle explore, observe, célèbre la vie en se laissant bercer par son flow. Languages spoke: Love, French, English.

Pia Le Cannu


First trained to Karate and Thai boxing, Pia learned how to use her energies to playfully protect herself and combat. You could easily see her giving a precise high kick with a huge smile on a face. With yoga, she laid down her weapons and embraced new ways to be in this world, with a clear mind to laugh and thrive peacefully in the tumult of the city.  Languages spoken: Love, French, English. 

Miho J

Mimi Moon

Half French half Japanese girl trying to find her balance by exploring planet Earth. As an astrophysicist, she is often seen looking at the stars and as a yogini, she explores the universe within the human mind. Her dream is to make yoga in space a thing! Languages spoken: Love, French, English, Japanese and pretending to speak Italian after a good Chianti.

Muriel Dal Corso 


Being human with sunny curly hair with a big heart, who likes to sit in silence but also dancing through vibrant music, just not at the same time. Language spoken: Love, French, English, Spanish, Portuguese, sometimes Italian.

Maybe its you?



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