5th September 2018, 

"Hidden Treasures of Ashtanga"


19:00 - 21:00, Tariff = 35€

2 hours journey into the hidden treasures of Ashtanga - Exploring the subtleties of this powerful practice


During this special evening with Sonia, you will explore 3 fundamental principles in your asana practice, using sun salutations and several specific asanas (poses) from the Ashtanga sequences. 

1. Our body like a tree from the roots to the leaves: building the pose from the foundation up


2. Being Radiantly Alive: opposing energies crossing the body in asana practice & concept ofradiancy (from the center to the periphery and from extremities to the center) 


3.The integrity of our body and joints in the asana: practicing conscious but not excessive alignment. Finding the balance between organic and geometric. 

We will finish our physical exploration with a short introduction to pranayama techniques to tap into the subtle sensations of our nervous system.