1st January 2019 Wize Monkey Yoga Shala changes to

Miho J

Mimi Moon

Miho first encountered yoga in university but the only way to calm her monkey mind was to run. Years later, after several long-distance running contests including marathons and several injuries, a PhD in physics which left her dealing with anxiety, she decided to give yoga another try. The second time was a revelatory experience: she felt a sense of clarity and balance to an overworked body and mind. 


Adding a regular meditation to her practice, Miho found a rewarding challenge and support in her yoga practice, much needed in her work as an astrophysicist. Over the years, yoga helped her listen to her own compassionate voice. She wants to share with others the many benefits a yoga practice can bring and the inner sense of calm and intuition we tend to forget in our rational world.


Her Vinyasa Flow is dynamic and Ashtanga-based, with a focus on re-learning how to breathe. Aided by a music giving the tempo to the sequence, she encourages the students to tap into self-reflection and exploration of the movement, so that their mindfulness can be brought off the mat. She wishes to create a space where both students and teachers can grow and learn from each other.