"We don't imitate. We trust ourselves. We innovate our way. We inspire others" 

At Wize Monkey Yoga Shala we made a conscious decision not to get attached to a particular tradition of yoga. We made an intentional choice not to stick "yoga style" labels to our classes but instead cultivate an environment where teachers feel inspired to share their knowledge with you in their authentic, responsible and compassionate way. Below you can read about the practices that we offer. It is simple. We encourage you to choose the practice in accordance with your needs and experiences: 

Foundations Flow

This practice is a wise choice for you if you're coming back from a long break or if you're recovering from an injury. It's also a good option for those who would like to learn the important foundations of the physical practice and for those who would like to revisit theirs. It's also a good choice if you're feeling a little low on energy that day. The teacher does take the time to explain certain aspects of the practice and shows certain things if absolutely necessary. 

All Levels Flow

This practice is for everyone. No matter how much or how little experience you have on the yoga mat we strongly ask you to be aware of your body's possibilities and limitations for this practice. Please remember that it's an open level class and the teacher adapts the practice to the overall level and needs of practitioners in the room at the time of the practice. If you're an experienced practitioner, feel free to dive into your own creative process but respect the fact that there might be a beginner next to you. In the shala we offer Rocket, Ashtanga Remix, Balance & Inversions, Yin & Pranayama as "all levels" classes.

Intermediate Flow

You absolutely must have a clear understanding of your body's capabilities and limitations. You should be familiar with the concept of ujjayi and vinyasa. The teacher uses Sanskrit terms from time to time to indicate the pose (or a transition) and you should be comfortable with it. Teacher guides the class with his/her voice and doesn't show anything. 

Advanced Flow

You must be able to place your legs behind your head, you must know all of the 198 sutras of Patanjali by heart and you must be familiar with the concept of enlightenment. NOT! Yes, you must have done at least 100 hours of asana practice but most importantly you must be proficient in the art of positive attitude and laughing at yourself. Most of the time it's a cozy (max 10 people) practice among #wizemonkeyyogashala family and friends. Join us.

All levels "Balance & Inversions"

This practice is open to everyone who is looking into developing the understanding of how to safely build and incorporate inversions into their practice. Isabel takes time to look into the important foundations of the inverted poses in the practice and guides you through various techniques to build up the confidence to explore those in your own time.  

Mysore with Kura

Please see the separate page of our website with detailed information about Mysore practice in our shala.