Our approach

At Wize Monkey Yoga Shala we made a conscious decision not to get attached to a particular tradition of yoga. We have so much confidence in our teachers that we made an intentional choice not to stick "yoga style" labels to our classes but instead cultivate an environment where teachers feel inspired to share their knowledge with you in their authentic, responsible and compassionate way. Below you can read about the practices that we offer. It is simple. We strongly encourage you to choose the practice in accordance with your needs and experiences:


I choose "foundations practice" because:

  • I'm new to the physical practice 
  • I'm coming back after a long break
  • I'm recovering from injury 
  • I'm feeling a bit low on energy 
  • I need to revisit my basics
  • I choose to be happy


I choose "intermediate practice" because:

  • I have done a min of 50hrs on the yoga mat
  • I'm not new to the conscious physical effort
  • I understand my body's possibilities & limitations
  • Concept of "ujjayi" doesn't scare me 
  • Concept of "vinyasa" is clear to me
  • Sanskrit terms don't freak me out  
  • I choose to be happy 


I choose "all levels practice" because:

  • work in progress 


I choose "advanced practice" because:

  • work in progress